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Laura Patterson

Author and President, Vision Edge Marketing

Laura Patterson’s marketing and sales career spans nearly 30 years having worked for both large public companies such as State Farm and Motorola and as well as start ups.  In 1999 she co-founded VisionEdge Marketing (, a data-driven metrics based strategic and product marketing company that specializes in improving marketing performance and helping organizations create a competitive advantage designed to attract, secure and retain profitable customers.  Author of dozens of published marketing and branding articles and the books Gone Fishin' and Measure What Matters and the recently published Metrics in Action:  Creating Performance-Driven Organizations, Laura has served on several non-profit boards, provided programming for professional organizations such as the ANA and BMA and has served as a guest lecturer at various universities, including the University of Texas at Austin, Purdue University, Tuck’s Business School at Dartmouth College, and Stanford University. She serves on the Advisory Board for the CMO Council’s Marketing Supply Chain Institute and the Advisory Council for the World Brand Congress. Laura earned her B.A from TrumanStateUniversityand her Master’s at the Universityof South Florida.

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