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IMS Speakers

The Integrated Marketing Summit (IMS) will feature 6 guest speakers at each of our 9 events this year, in addition to our workshop speakers. Topics we are most interested in are as follows:

  • BtoB Integrated Marketing Case Study - Small Budget (under $50,000)
  • BtoB Integrated Marketing Case Study - Large Budget (over $50,000)
  • BtoC Integrated Marketing Case Study - Small Budget (under $50,000)
  • BtoC Integrated Marketing Case Study - Large Budget (over $50,000)
  • Latest Integrated Marketing Research and Benchmark Studies
  • Wild Card

If you're Interested in becoming a speaker at an IMS event and have solid experience that can provide a unique learning opportunity for IMS attendees, feel free to download our Call for Speaker Document here.

Featured IMS 2015 Speakers

Chris Raulf
Founder, Boulder SEO Company
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Shelly Kramer
CEO, V3 Integrated Marketing
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Julio Viskovich
VP of Marketing, rfactr
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Shawn Elledge
CEO, DemandCon & Integrated Marketing Summit
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Eric Fellows
Digital Marketing Director, MarketLeverage
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Shane Hackett
Partner and CMO, MarketLeverage
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Martyn Etherington
Chief Marketing Officer & Chief of Staff, Mitel
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Ian Michiels
CEO, Gleanster Research
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Kohposh Kuda
Head of Strategic Partnerships at Pinsight Media+, Sprintís Mobile Marketing division, Sprint
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Pam Didner
Writer and Speaker for Global and Content Marketing
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Troy Beaver
VP of Marketing, American Century
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Sara Zittergruen - Miller
Director of Marketing, Perceptive Software
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David Meyer
Director of Product Development, Spok Inc.
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John Nolt
Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle Social Cloud
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David F. Patrick
Chief Strategy Officer, Two West, inc.
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