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Featured Webinar: Lead Scoring: The Science of Sales Conversion

Date: February 18th, 2014
Time: 2 P.M. (est.)

Abstract: As markets become more fluid and fragmented, it becomes increasingly complicated for marketers to deliver the right messages to the right potential buyers to cultivate ready-to-buy leads. Traditional demographics are failing as a method for identifying likely buyers, so how do modern marketers keep up?

Join us to explore the world of lead scoring. Learn how to cultivate a tight relationship between sales and marketing by identifying hot leads, ranked and scored based on profile characteristics and tracked online behavior. 

This session will cover:

• Why traditional demographics are failing as an identifier for likely buyers

• The lead scoring equation: Profile + Behavior = Likely Buyers

• Using lead scores to influence marketing & sales messages

• Cultivating sales & marketing alignment

• Case Study: NuGrowth Solutions


Paul Fuller

Paul Fuller, Executive Vice President for NuGrowth Solutions
Paul is responsible for ensuring systems, processes, and people are aligned to deliver high quality leads, relationships and net new revenue to NuGrowth clients.  A founder and partner in NuGrowth Solutions, Paul has led successful sales and marketing teams for clients ranging from innovative start-ups to enterprises with billions in revenue.

Chuck Rue

Chuck Rue, manager of sales and marketing automation for NuGrowth Solutions. 
For nearly four years, Chuck has helped NuGrowth clients with his expertise and guidance in CRM and marketing automation.   He and his team are responsible for managing the CRM and marketing automation integration and implementation for NuGrowth’s clients.  This includes database management, campaign & content distribution, lead scoring & delivery, and comprehensive reporting.

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