LinkedIn for Lead Generation

November 11, 2015: 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Bob Matson
Bob Matson

Business Development Director, YPN Companies

Discover how to utilize LinkedIn to create a stand out corporate presence, build a powerful network, generate leads, market with campaigns, utilize content, create relationships and ultimately increase revenue.

Workshop Details

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LinkedIn is the Premier Business Social Media tool used by almost 400 million business professionals. This participant engagement workshop will teach you how to utilize LinkedIn to generate page one personal and corporate profiles; construct a powerful network, maximize search tools, target lead generation, maximize content, and close more sales. While the focus is on sales and marketing best practices and targeted lead generation the material we cover will be of great interest to all serious LinkedIn users, beginners and seasoned users, from beginning sales associates to experienced business executives. We will also cover the benefits of LinkedIn Premium Accounts and LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool. Presented by Bob Matson of YPN Companies (Atlanta, GA) Bob is one of the earliest adopters of LinkedIn he has shown thousands of individuals how to increase their presence through Social Media. Bob has been a recognized trainer, coach, and business consultant for over four decades.

Personal Profiles and Business Pages
  • What LinkedIn is about, How has it changed, Why do you care
  • Why are Companies and your Competitors enhancing their presence on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Profile Overview
  • LinkedIn Home Page Tour and where do you need to make changes to enhance your profile
  • LinkedIn Account Types and Important Settings
  • LinkedIn Company Page Overview
  • LinkedIn Profile and Company Page Visuals
  • LinkedIn Profile Details
  • LinkedIn Recommendations
Networking and Engaging Prospects
  • Communicating on LinkedIn, How InMails can increase your contact to Decision Makers
  • LinkedIn Groups, Why and How
  • Advanced Searching on LinkedIn, SEO Unique to LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns, How to schedule
  • How and when to post content on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Showcase Pages Management
  • Should you have a Premium Account; Pros and Cons
  • Who and Where are your Target Prospects on LinkedIn
  • Warm calls versus Cold calls, using the Introduction Function
  • Utilizing the NOTE and Reminder Functions
  • How much should you spend each day on LinkedIn and When