Search Engine Optimization

November 11, 2015: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Presented By:

Eric Fellows

Digital Marketing Practice Leader, Sales Lead Automation

Discover how to create and deploy a winning SEO plan, one of the most important inbound channels for your integrated marketing strategy.

Workshop Details

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Did you know that according to research from, a first position listing on Google accounts for a whopping 53% of the organic click traffic for that page? As a result, organic search is among the most important inbound channels a marketer has at his or her disposal. At the same time, creating and deploying a winning SEO strategy can be a complex and time intensive process, and we have designed this workshop with that in mind. Join the digital marketing experts at Sales Lead Automation as they conduct a hands-on intensive workshop designed to arm you with innovative and field-tested SEO hacks, tools, and strategies to increase your online visibility. They will be breaking down SEO into a simple, actionable 3-step process you can quickly implement to achieve good results in search.

How to identify the size of the SEO opportunity for your company in your vertical
  • How to get some quick and easy wins by leveraging the low hanging fruit of search
  • How to build a great target keyword list, and establish a baseline keyword value
  • How to map content to keywords for maximum impact
  • Competitive positioning tactics, and how to put them to work for your own good
  • Tracking key performance indicators, ongoing optimization, and determining ROI
Developing your killer SEO plan
  • The keys to building an SEO friendly site and making your pages are search engine compatible
  • Perfecting navigation and linking techniques, url structure, redirects, absolute vs relative, and other geeky matters
  • The 8 most important SEO data points, why they are important, and how to master SEO tools and report
  • Best practices in dealing with Panda, Penguin, and Google’s other “animals”
Off-page tactics to help encourage high quality referral traffic to your site
  • How to identify and vet quality inbound links, and tactics for getting them
  • Google Pigeon, it’s impact on local search, and optimization on local directories
  • Connecting with social and resource allocation
  • How to leverage a news and press release strategy