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IMS Workshops

The Integrated Marketing Summit (IMS) is premised on the core belief that the single most important role of marketing and advertising, whether you are on the agency side or the clients side, is to Drive Revenue Rapidly.

Based on feedback from past attendees, IMS has developed optional, hands-on Workshops for participants who want a “deep dive” immersion and expert advice in the hottest areas of marketing and advertising. Topics we cover include: Social Media, Search Engine Marketing & Optimization, B2B Lead Generation, Nurturing, Qualification and Conversion, Web Analytics and Mobile Marketing, just to name a few.

These workshops run from (9 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.) either the day before or after each summit and are based on a first come, first serve basis.

Below is a list of workshop options we are hosting in San Diego Jan 31st and Atlanta March 6th, 2014.

Workshop A - B2B lead generation, nurturing, qualification and conversion

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Get the inside scoop on what’s working best today (and what isn’t working) in lead generation, nurturing, qualification and conversion. By attending, you will go home armed with proven strategies, tactics, tips and techniques for generating more leads and turning those leads into sales-ready opportunities your salespeople, reps, dealers or distributors can turn into sales and revenue for your company.  Save yourself from costly and time-consuming trial-and-error approaches to learning what works best by attending. This workshop is presented by two demand generation experts: Shawn Elledge, CEO of Integrated Marketing Summit and Mac McIntosh, President and principal consultant at AcquireB2B, a lead generation and marketing automation agency.

Workshop B  - Content Marketing: How to Get it Right In 2014

For savvy marketers, it's no secret that content marketing should be a key component of your integrated marketing strategy. But getting it done is often a challenge. The key to success with content marketing is simple. Good (no, GREAT!) content that zeroes in on customer and prospect needs without draining your resources. But it’s not just a matter of having great content and tossing it out there, and expecting it to perform miracles. It doesn’t work that way. As a marketer, you can successfully develop a competitive advantage by focusing on content marketing to generate leads and drive closed sales. But in order for content to really deliver results, you’ve got to have a website that works, a content strategy that makes sense, optimized social profiles, and social channels you actually use. In this workshop we'll walk you through the process, every step of the way, and you'll leave ready to leverage content, social and SEO in ways that'll get you the results you're seeking.

Presented by Shelly Kramer, CEO V3 Integrated Marketing (Forbes top 30)

Workshop C  - A Visual Social Media Brand that Pulls in Customers

The statistics are clear, visuals really work at engaging prospects, but there are pitfalls…

  • Customers find you on mobile devices now and you don’t look so good
  • The phone number and logo are partially hidden by a “Like” button
  • Heads and products are cutoff when images show on LinkedIn
  • You feature old products and ex-employees and don’t know it
  • Your brand image is all over the place, never done in harmony

Social media platforms run on text, visuals, networks and content. Step 1 in the online marketing space is text and it is well-defined. Step 2 is a little harder - getting selected from those lists and converting those visitors to business.

Few firms get this process right for even one platform, say LinkedIn. Far fewer get this right ACROSS all platforms and prospects click the BACK Button in response. This pioneering program looks systematically at all of these elements and the top 5 platforms (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). It focuses on how to leverage VISUALS (processes and components) to create a compelling brand image everywhere your target customers see you.

Your new look is current, professional and consistent and it calls them to action. Included are expert-designed and highly sophisticated visual design templates and details for creating your visuals.

Mike O’Neil is a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencerand the founder of Integrated Alliances, a leading LinkedIn and social media firm. He and his team create the LinkedIn and social media presence for businesses and associations including other text, visuals, networks and content. Learn more at